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Being Overwhelmed is a Bliss!

One of the most significant complaints I have with myself is ‘I feel Overwhelmed’ all the time. It seems to be the stuff that everyone experiences nowadays. I suffer from it, too. Today we have more duties, infinite opportunities, and way too many digressions. When you’re overwhelmed, space and time breakdown. You’re dropped without any sense of inner-spaciousness. Feeling overwhelmed is not only dis-empowering, but it’s also an exhausting way to live.

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Living life with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Part 1

Well, it is everywhere. In the news, around you, in your dreams and everywhere. Yes, it may be on your screen right now. One month ago, when I was following the covid-19 news, it seemed to me that the end is imminent. I could quickly predict the future, despite not being any epidemiologist or any exceptional astrologist. So, I have been following the news from China. Havoc, grief, mourn, fear and connivance. I could barely see the moment of truth and yet could easily foresee the situation strangling the forthcoming… Read More