Well, it is everywhere. In the news, around you, in your dreams and everywhere. Yes, it may be on your screen right now.

One month ago, when I was following the covid-19 news, it seemed to me that the end is imminent. I could quickly predict the future, despite not being any epidemiologist or any exceptional astrologist. So, I have been following the news from China. Havoc, grief, mourn, fear and connivance. I could barely see the moment of truth and yet could easily foresee the situation strangling the forthcoming nuance.

Today, I woke up as a routine at noon as I was struggling with my last night sleep. Well, I confess, I did not have much to do. Apart from having those urge to make some difference in the world. Yet, I believe, I can still do my part in some ways which I have to find out soon. Coming back to my routine. I ate a late breakfast, at 1 pm. I am not a morning person, Honey! No matter how much I try, I admit that I can not enter into ‘5 am Club.’ Does it mean I can throw that book into the dustbin? Hell no! There is always another day to start. Yes, I am an optimist guy.

It started with my mom yelling to me, ‘This boy never listens to us’. I am sure she did not mean it. But I can be really obstinate when I want to be, and that sometimes becomes really annoying! Took a bath at 4 pm, sometimes even missed it. Come on, you are on lockdown! You are spending literally every fucking hour in your home. Do you think even a speck of dust would have touched you anyways? I mean no offence to those spick and span guys who could swear to the hand sanitizers that they are struggling to find. It is not that I do not want to shower, I want to say that it is not urgent. When the world is about to end, are you going to pick your favourite shampoo and say ‘Let’s die fresh!’. I am sure you do not want to be that guy. But for my parent’s sake and to avoid the argument, let us suppose I somehow listen to it.

If I let you choose among Netflix, Voot or Prime Video. What you would prefer? I know there are so many massive contents out there and each one of us has our own choice. A person who believes that all of these are just a waste of time, and it is better to get rid of these subscription services. How could he possibly be glued watching such series or movies and burning so much time and energy? Where did it go wrong? There must be some reason for it. Probably distraction or some kind of attraction of new stuff? This is a question whose answer I need to find it immediately.

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