Being Overwhelmed is a Bliss!

One of the most significant complaints I have with myself is ‘I feel Overwhelmed’ all the time. It seems to be the stuff that everyone experiences nowadays. I suffer from it, too. Today we have more duties, infinite opportunities, and way too many digressions. When you’re overwhelmed, space and time breakdown. You’re dropped without any sense of inner-spaciousness. Feeling overwhelmed is not only dis-empowering, but it’s also an exhausting way to live.

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20 Psytrance Subgenres You Should Know

What is psytrance? Psychedelic trance also referred to as psytrance is a form of trance music, revealed in the late 1990s. Trance music has a fast beat, typically within the range 125 to 160 bpm also known as beats per minute, compared to ambient trance music and other forms like house and techno. It has a loud bass sound that beats continuously without change and is overlaid by many various rhythms. This type of subgenre of trance is quite popular in the UK but is a global phenomenon, and noticingly there is… Read More

Why I chose Golang in 2020?

When Google does something, they make sure it is the best in the market, for example, Google Adwords, Adsense, Analytics. To top it off when Google came up with Golang, it’s very own Programming language; it was only but natural that it should become one of the most widely used computer languages. Listed below are some interesting facts on why I would choose Golang over any other language. Concurrency: Millions of platform users It is the leading factor we consider while choosing Golang over other languages for creating any programme…. Read More

Hope is a dangerous thing?

Inevitably, our journey through life won’t always be smooth. Even the most privileged among us will face challenges every now and then—this couldn’t be more true accurate than right now. But there’s one thing that makes us resilient during those times, so we can work through them: hope.

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Living life with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Part 1

Well, it is everywhere. In the news, around you, in your dreams and everywhere. Yes, it may be on your screen right now. One month ago, when I was following the covid-19 news, it seemed to me that the end is imminent. I could quickly predict the future, despite not being any epidemiologist or any exceptional astrologist. So, I have been following the news from China. Havoc, grief, mourn, fear and connivance. I could barely see the moment of truth and yet could easily foresee the situation strangling the forthcoming… Read More

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello All! I have recently started my blog. Here you will find the information about my life. Hold Tight! As this is going to be a rollercoaster ride! 🙂