One of the most significant complaints I have with myself is ‘I feel Overwhelmed’ all the time. It seems to be the stuff that everyone experiences nowadays. I suffer from it, too. Today we have more duties, infinite opportunities, and way too many digressions. When you’re overwhelmed, space and time breakdown. You’re dropped without any sense of inner-spaciousness. Feeling overwhelmed is not only dis-empowering, but it’s also an exhausting way to live.

So what can I do about it?

Accept that feeling overwhelmed is a state of mind. It is related to how you manage your time and energy than the real content in your life. 

If you really need to let go of the feeling of overwhelm, then you should start accepting the emotion. Here are the symptoms that you should recognize:

1. You feel anxious.

2. Your nerves are shot.

3. You continuously feel overloaded and confused.

4. It’s difficult to breathe.

5. You’re always accentuated and tensed.

6. You experience constant stress.

7. You’re annoyed.

But if I tell you that those symptoms are actually good things? Would you buy it?

There is a close bond between individual characteristics and being overwhelmed. Firstly, let’s see at the meaning of the word. With this sense, maybe we can know all the aspects of this feeling. Just like many other words, “overwhelmed” has various meanings.


1. To have an abundance of things to deal with
2. To affect someone strongly
3. To have a strong emotional effect
4. To defeat someone or something completely

People with tremendous intelligence often feel overwhelmed by the inrush of knowledge. Unlike many individuals, these people experience an ability to continually grasp different things and concepts which quickly develop their learning skills. Gifted people are likely to experience overwhelming thoughts and ideas which let them be efficient problem solvers.

Sometimes this excess of information can be too much to manage, but it always helps a higher purpose when provided in the right ways. 

Are you still feeling overwhelmed? I swear it’s okay

If you’ve found yourself taken over by ideas and emotions, don’t see it as a negative thing. Instead, learn from these thoughts and feelings by seeing them in a different light. Not every flooding will drown you. On the other hand, sometimes the best ideas and opinions come in waves that knock us off our feet but still teach us how to survive.

If you are yet not convinced about being overwhelmed is a good thing or not. You are a rare and wonderful person, and the world needs what you have to offer.

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