Knowing Sujit Mourya

Sujit Mourya

Who the hell is Sujit Mourya?

I am Sujit Mourya, the author of this blog, and I know you click on the About us section to know who is this Interesting guy? Am I right?

So let’s make this interesting. I will talk about me in the third person. 😛

Sujit Mourya is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of cross-function of web technology. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in Information Technology and stays in tune with the latest technology in the field of programming as well as digital marketing strategies through continued coursework and professional development.

On the side note, he likes Philosophy and Psychology so much that he started a website called As he says, He is also a contributor there. Speaking about stress, depression and mental health.

Sujit is also an aspiring Entrepreneur. He is a founder of web designing, marketing and development company, with experience managing remote teams and a few of the biggest projects. His knowledge in Entreunership, management, and research and development inform him mindful but competitive approach. He owns a company called Alpha Raver. Wait what is Alpha Raver? He is fond of Psy Trance music and he considered himself an Alpha Male. Hence he came up with a word Alpha Raver and that’s how he named his company – Alpha Raver.

While he is active on Social Media. He likes to post about Music, Philosophy and Selfies. He loves Photography and with that hobby, he owns 2 cameras – Sony A6300 and GoPro 5.

His passion for Music made him buy his own Dj Mixer. Often you will see him live on Instagram doing his Live Djing.

What can you find about Sujit on this website?

This is his personal blog where he mostly shares his daily life stories, his knowledge on Programming, some Philosophical and Psychological stuff, his Photographs, his Trance Beats, books he read, his projects, Entrepreneurship tips and so much more.

While it is just a tip of Iceberg that goes through his head, He has so much to share with the world and this website is just a medium with which He can contribute to society.

Read the detailed Resume to know the Career Graph and LinkedIn Link to get in touch professionally.

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